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The One Show

After emails, messages, phone calls, raised hopes, emails, failures, let downs and more emails I eventually received an exciting proposition in my inbox that propelled and changed Prom Ally forever!

I was contacted by the BBC about filming a piece for The One Show.

I spoke to one of my girls; Leila and asked if she'd like to get involved and be filmed talking about using Prom Ally to get a prom dress.

Once everything was set in place, I travelled 300 miles up to Edinburgh to meet Leila and her family. Here we filmed an interview and got her ready for prom, we even went to the prom with her to film her friends reactions to the dress!

Once we'd finished filming with Leila, I stayed in a hotel and took part in a further interview the next morning. A few weeks later I was invited to London to be on the actual show the day it aired. I was told I'd be in the studio audience and that they may come to me to ask some questions after they play Leila's film. On the day, a few moments before going live the producers told me I was going to be sat on the actual sofa with Jean Paul Gaultier! This was an incredible experience which I will never forget. It has boosted Prom Ally's audience and donations so much and has helped the charity in so many ways!

Thanks so much to the BBC for arranging this incredible experience and opportunity!


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