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Referrals for 2024 proms will be opening on the 1st of March 2024. 

Unfortunately we can not accept referral forms submitted by students themselves, friends, family or guardians. 

We accept them from school staff, social services, youth or family charities, children's services, food banks and other local authorities.

Referee Form

Please fill out all the fields and press submit.

Please ensure your email address is typed correctly or the referral form will fail and not be delivered to us. 

If you have any queries, problems or are struggling to be referred... please don't hesitate to contact us!

Who is able to cover the voluntary £10 contribution towards returns postage & packaging?

Thanks! We'll be back in touch soon.


Due to an unprecedented demand we will need all of the fields above answering in as much detail as possible. 

(If names of vulnerable children cannot be shared due to child protection, please just type in "Child" followed by their initials)


Once a referral is accepted, we are willing to liaise with the student or a parent/guardian through emails regarding dress/suit choices, measurements and details. However, if this is the case, it does not pass on the responsibility of ensuring the garment is returned to us after the prom. 

We trust that schools, social services, local authorities, church groups, charities and anyone else referring students to us will work with us to ensure the garments are received & returned safely to help us keep re-using them in the future.

We do request a voluntary donation of £10.00 per referral to help towards costs of returns postage and packaging. This is usually paid for by the referee but on occasion is covered by the student themselves or parents/guardians.

If this is a problem, don't worry! It is only a voluntary request to help us out as a non-profit social enterprise.

Finally, if the student and parents/guardians are happy to share any images of them in our outfits, it really helps us out being able to post them on our social media! (The parents can send them to us online or through emails if so)

 Otherwise, the service is wholly anonymous!

Thanks! x

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