Do you have a prom dress hanging in the wardrobe catching dust? Would you like to feel like a real-life Fairy Godmother?

You can donate your prom dress, suits, shirts or shoes to help someone in need. Prom Ally relies on the kindness of others to keep going and without your donations, it could no longer exist!

PO Box Address:


po box.jpg



Monetary donations are so important to Prom Ally, as it couldn't keep helping these young people go to prom without them!

Donations of funds go towards general running costs - storage, rails, hangers, website costs, laundering dresses, accounting - as well as a multitude of other things! 

Click the button below to donate via Paypal.

Or if you'd like to get access to exclusive behind the scenes content, such as video updates and photos, become a supporter of Prom Ally on Patreon! 

*PO Box accepts Royal Mail parcels only. If this is unsuitable, please get in touch and we can try and arrange an alternative address to send to. Please ensure there is a note in with the parcel including your email address so that I can thank you.**

For transparencies sake, we want you to know that donated items can be used for Prom Ally free loans, for our Eco Wardrobe or sold, depending on it's condition and suitability. You can read more about this in a Terms and Conditions.