Prom Ally offers the free loan of prom dresses and suits to school children, sixth form students and college students across the UK who otherwise couldn't afford one.


Being linked with schools, social services, food banks and charities, Prom Ally runs on a referral basis. We’ve loaned out hundreds of dresses since starting and are now able to offer out a range of suits too!


Having started out with 15 dresses bought from charity shops, we have now had over 3000 dresses donated to Prom Ally! All our outfits are donations either from the public or from businesses and we currently accept dresses, suits, shirts and trousers. For quality purposes, every item is checked and freshly laundered before each loan.


The loan of an outfit is free of charge, however we currently request £10.00 to cover the cost of delivery and return postage and packaging.


In April 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown, Prom Ally officially became a CIC (Community Interest Company) in order to sell/hire formal wear in order to earn money to keep running the free prom service.



I’m Ally, a 27 year old from North Wales and the founder of Prom Ally and Eco Wardrobe.


I love fashion, music, food and travelling. My favourite band is Panic! at the Disco, the best place I've ever visited is Thailand and I definitely eat too much carbonara pasta! 


I am a law graduate, previously a supply 1:1 teaching assistant and the founder of Prom Ally!


Prom Ally was set up as an organisation after I watched a TV programme with my Dad about families struggling financially. I saw there were young people who couldn’t afford a prom dress which really upset me. Whether we like it or not, prom is becoming bigger and bigger each year and with this growth, the price of dresses is also increasing drastically! I have created Prom Ally to help young girls and boys have the perfect prom night no matter what!