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London Fashion Week 2019

I decided to take a trip down to London Fashion Week this year for the first time ever.

I watched 3 different catwalk shows at Fashions Finest and attended a talk by Nikki Hambleton-Jones about the fashion industry. I even managed to meet her and talk to her about Prom Ally and what I do. She was lovely!

Seeing the fashion shows was amazing as I'd never actually attended a live catwalk before! It was such a fun experience and I met so many interesting people!

On the way back to the hotel, I happened to stumble across a lot of celebrities who were heading into Naomi Campbells Gala! I decided to wait outside the gates and become a paparazzi for the night! It was SO much fun and I saw loads of celebs including the one and only Anna Wintour!

Here's a shot of Mollie King and some competitive paps!!

Ally xo

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