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Heart FM Local Pride

I was nominated for a Pride of Britain award, and although I didn't win, they did choose me as a Local Hero for Wales! Pride of Britain partnered with TSB and Heart FM in promoting positive stories around the country. They sent a camera crew and reporter to my Nans house to film some footage with the dresses and in the local area. This was SO fun as I'd never worked with a proper crew before. Hannah and Laura were lovely and made me feel completely at home in front of the camera.

We spent the whole day filming and once that was finished, Heart FM arranged for me to go to London to film the second half of the video!

I stayed in a hotel by London Bridge, I was picked up by a taxi and taken to Islington to a studio where I met the wonderful Jenni Falconer. She interviewed me and surprised me with a gorgeous Prom Ally set that they had made! The next day I was taken to a marketing meeting in central London to meet with a marketing expert for help and advice going forward with Prom Ally.

All in all, this trip was incredible and really helped Prom Ally so much!

You can find the video they made here;

You can also watch my behind the scenes video here;


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