The Eco Wardrobe was created to help fund Prom Ally. Prom Ally is a small charity which helps young people in financial difficulty with a prom outfit for their big night! The Eco Wardrobe was also created with a view of saving the planet, being more sustainable and encouraging hiring instead of buying new!

How It Works:

Wether you're a bride looking for a wedding dress or some bridesmaid dresses, a student going to prom or even just attending an event.. have a browse through our Eco Wardrobe dresses.

If you see one you like you can purchase it for the stated amount. 

I will then send the dress out to you in 2-3 business days (so make sure you order it in enough time before your event)!

You can keep the dress for 2 weeks and wear it as much as you like! (If you want to keep the dress longer please email me before purchasing).

Before your hire time is up, please pop the dress back in the post with the included returns label! Feel free to tag us in any pictures posted online or even send us your snaps to show off on our site!